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NEWS - Your Cold Climate Engineering Partner

NEWS was founded during the summer 2009 to offer our customers within the wind turbine industry the best possible service by uniting the sales of our six companies - SAN Electro Heat A/S, JEVI A/S, Danotherm A/S, Lund & Sørensen A/S, Backer AB and Loval OY in one office. Doing this, makes us able to offer you our total product range and thus function as your system supplier of technical heating.

NEWS offers design, production and delivery of electric heating for the wind turbine industry.
Production in Europe, America and Asia.
Products - Customized or Standard

Our Products

  • Air Nacelle Heater
  • Immersion Heater for Gearbox
  • Heating for Hydraulic Systems
  • Silicone Heaters
  • Heating Blankets
  • Dump Load Resistors
  • High Watt Heaters for Measuring Equipment
  • Load Resistors for Fast Control and Regulation
  • Temperature Sensors


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